When should Filter Fluid+ Protector be used in a heating system?

Filter Fluid+ Protector should only be used in combination with an in-line system filter, which can trap and contain the debris in the system before safe removal.

It is ideal for use in circumstances where a system has previously been cleaned or flushed but subsequently has not been adequately protected so further corrosion has taken place. It is also suitable for systems with poor design or low flow rates which make conventional cleaning difficult. Filter Fluid+ Protector enables ongoing purging and collection of system debris. Treatment levels should be checked annually as part of a maintenance and service programme to ensure full protection.

When I dose with Boiler Noise Silencer F2, do I also need to use a Fernox Protector?

Yes, Fernox Boiler Noise Silencer F2 is designed for use with any Fernox Protector.

It should be left permanently in the system with Protector F1 or Filter Fluid+ Protector and replaced or topped up at the same time.

What is Filter Fluid+ Protector?

This is an innovative, universal inhibitor package which uses the proven inhibition qualities of Fernox Protector F1 with an active dispersant.

This unique formulation is designed to detect, lift and deliver magnetic and non- magnetic debris to an in- line system filter.

Can I use Fernox Protector F1 or Filter Fluid+ Protector in old systems?

Fernox Protectors are suitable for use on systems of all ages. However, it would be  advantageous to clean and flush the system with Fernox Cleaner F3 to remove  sludge before adding the Protector F1.

Alternatively, the universal Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector can deliver sludge and debris to an existing in-line filter or a newly installed TF1 Filter, whilst protecting the system against further corrosion formation.

Can Fernox Leak Sealers be used in combination boilers?

Yes, all Fernox internal leak sealers, such as Fernox Leak Sealer F4, are safe for use with combination and other low water content boilers.

They will not block valves or vents. Leak Sealer F4 Express is recommended for all pressurised systems as this can be added in 30 seconds via a radiator, filling loop or Fernox TF1 Filter, without the need to drain the system.

Is it safe to empty central heating water down the drain?

You should only drain central heating system water into the foul water drain or a septic tank.

Never drain system water into road drains or rain water gullies as these go directly into rivers. Never pour water from a central heating system onto the garden or lawn.

How long will Fernox Protector F1 or Filter Fluid+ Protector last?

Normally a treatment will last the life of the system but an annual check to determine whether further dosing is necessary is recommended.

If the system is drained, it will need to be re-treated with a further full dose of Protector. You can check if the system is properly dosed using a Fernox Protector Test Kit.

Can I overdose with Fernox Protector F1 or Filter Fluid+ Protector?

No, overdosing is not detrimental to the system. It is important to ensure that sufficient Protector is present in the system.

There is a test kit and a postal testing service to check the Protector concentration. Refer to Protector Test Kit product data sheet for further guidance.