Powerflow Leaded Solder 3mm 500g

Product Code: 59952

This leaded solder wire is designed for non-potable water plumbing and heating uses and is manufactured to produce perfect joints quickly and effectively, whilst meeting all relevant health and safety and environmental standards.

  • Tin / lead wire for non-potable applications
  • Manufactured to BS EN 29453
  • Produces perfect joints
  • 3mm diameter
  • Melting range between 183°C and 234°C
  • Available on 250 gm and 500 gm reels.
Application, Fitting & Dosing

Powerflow leaded solder wire for plumbing applications, only suitable for non-potable water. Fernox is the leading internationally recognised manufacturer of solder alloys and fluxes for plumbing and heating applications. Its comprehensive range of highly effective solid solder wire is designed to produce perfect joints, quickly and effectively.

Package, Handling & Safety

Powerflow Leaded Solder Wire is available in 500g reels.

Physical Specification / Properties

Melting Point Range: 183 – 234°C
Diameter: 3mm

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Product Code
Single Unit Dimensions(Height x Width x Depth)
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Outer Carton Dimensions(Height x Width x Depth)
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63 × 62 × 62 mm
72 x 370 x 360 mm