Fernox has reformulated some of its most popular products, to offer installers even higher performance levels of failsafe chemical water treatment solutions, to reduce time spent on site and minimise call backs. Three years in the making, the latest performance improvements to Cleaner F3, Protector F1 and Protector+ Filter Fluid represent one of the biggest developments in water treatment in recent years.

Huge strides have been made over the last decade in educating the market on the importance of adequately cleaning and protecting a central heating system, both at commissioning stage and throughout its serviceable life. Legislation and training have worked hand-in-hand to make the use of chemical water treatments and in-line system filters second nature to many installers – yet statistics show that as many as 87% of boiler breakdowns are still down to dirty water in the system.

Richard Crisp, Technical Manager – Chemistry at Fernox, said: “Understanding the need to clean and protect a system is certainly key to ensuring a customer is getting a first-class service. However, it’s crucial that only high quality chemicals are used – and that the dosage is right, otherwise those good intentions can become worthless.

“With newer, more efficient boilers having narrower waterways, these can become more easily blocked, meaning the correct use of water treatment has never been more important – and this is why Fernox is continuously looking at ways to improve its products, to make it as easy as possible for installers to achieve the best results.”

The new formulations therefore have a much higher concentration of the main active ingredients, so a new 500ml bottle or 400ml Express canister with the market leading ‘F’ range can now treat a 130-litre system, up from a 100-litre system previously, 16 radiators (previously 10) and 250m2 of underfloor systems. This reduces the risk of installers inadvertently under-dosing a system, as over 97% of UK homes can now be successfully treated with just one dose.

The Protector F1 products and Protector+ Filter Fluid also offer increased protection for aluminium and steel components, which make up at least 92% of the internal surfaces of most heating systems. With improved pH buffering, the occurrence of corrosion formation is significantly reduced in the system.

The re-launched ‘F’ range of 500ml liquid and 400ml Express products have both undergone rigorous testing and the inhibitors have been certified by the NSF (BuildCert). Fernox’s internal testing is a meticulous process, which employs electrochemical accelerated corrosion tests, stability and compatibility tests to result in optimal performance that installers can rely on.

Richard Crisp concludes: “When it comes to the products you use on a daily basis, product stability, reliability and value is key. With the latest improvements to Fernox’s core water treatment range, installers can be safe in the knowledge that when they next buy a 500ml bottle or 400ml Express canister of Cleaner F3, Protector F1 or Protector+ Filter Fluid it will offer the optimum performance – for over 97% of their needs.”