Protector F1 500ml

Protector F1

Approved for use by all major boiler manufacturers – one bottle treats up to 97% of UK homes.

Express Inhibitor Test

Express Inhibitor Test

Making things simple, the brand new on-site testing solution.

Express 400ml Range

Express 400ml Range

Doses in 30 secs – no system drain down necessary to save time.

Powercleaner F8

Powercleaner F8 500ml

Super-strength, fact-acting citrate cleaner.
Neutraliser not needed, providing rapid results.

TF1 Sigma Filter

TF1 Sigma Filter

Simple, unique sealed design – slip socket & valve options

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TF1 Sigma Filter

A high-performance, precision-engineered in-line system filter, the TF1 Sigma Filter utilises a sealed, lidless design for increased reliability and strength.

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