The new Fernox Universal Test Kit simplifies the diagnosis of the quality of central heating system water and helps installers to comply with the latest revisions to BS 7593:2019, the industry code of practice for treating domestic heating and cooling water systems. The compact kit provides everything required to test for water turbidity, pH levels and water hardness as well as the presence of chemical water treatment. 

Testing system water has always been best practice when installers are faced with a central heating system experiencing performance issues. Results can provide vital insight and help to determine the correct course of action quickly on-site. It is also now a key area within BS 7593:2019.  

The new Fernox Universal Test Kit contains tests for pH levels and water hardness, which indicate how likely it is that the system will suffer from limescale deposition as well as the corrosivity of the water. With the Protector Reagent supplied, installers can conduct further on-site analysis of the system water. This will demonstrate the levels of Fernox Protector (corrosion inhibitor) present in the system. Professional installers will be aware that under-dosing with Protector will have a negative impact on system performance – so this is an important test to undertake.

“We constantly strive for new ways to protect central heating systems, and to make this process easier. Our Universal Test Kit is just one of the latest innovations giving a quick but accurate on-site analysis of system water,” said Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox.

Conveniently compact in size, the Fernox Universal Test Kit contains enough equipment to test at least 25 systems, with results provided in seconds.

“The colder months are approaching, when traditionally homeowners switch on central heating systems and potentially face performance issues. When called to site, it is crucial installers are quickly informed about the condition of the system; to be able to diagnose correctly and treat system water problems, restoring efficiency. Our new kit helps to achieve just that.”