You might be surprised to learn that one of the main causes of central heating system breakdowns is sludge, scale and debris within the system water. If you keep turning up the thermostat but the radiators are still cool to the touch or even if you just think you’re paying too high energy bills – then now could be the time to fit a filter such as a Fernox TF1 Omega Filter. This small, smart, discrete device is fast and simple for a professional plumber or heating engineer to install for you. This filter, along with correct treatment of the system – could make a big impact the efficiency and the time taken to heat up your home as well keeping a check on your gas bills.

Symptoms of a dirty, contaminated system can include gurgling boiler and pump noise, radiator cold spots and a central heating system that is slow to heat up. This is because when the water in your central heating system and the metal pipework come into contact – corrosion can occur, which eventually turns into sludge and scale that blocks pipework and radiators. This sludge inevitably causes the boiler (no matter how new) to work harder to heat the home and will result in higher fuel bills, damage to its key components like the heat exchanger or pump and ulitmately in the worst case scenario – an expensive boiler breakdown and repair. Filters are a simple and cost effective solution recommended by boiler manufacturers to protect your boiler from damage and help it to work at optimum performance, by capturing sludge and debris from the circulating system water. For example, one of the latest filters to hit the market comes from a tried and trusted brand amongst plumbers: Fernox.

Its new Fernox TF1 Omega Filter combines the strength of a powerful Neodymium magnet with unique Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology to capture and retain market-leading levels of metallic and non-metallic  debris particles. The extracted debris can then be safely and easily removed during a standard service or boiler maintenance check. Filters are a sensible step in the fight against high energy bills – helping systems to work efficiently. However it’s important to understand that a filter can only deal with the symptoms of a dirty, sludged system but not the root cause. That’s why a filter should always be used alongside chemical water treatments that can protect the system by preventing corrosion, sludge and scale from happening in the first place. Handy products such as Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector will do just that and actually help deliver the sludge and contaminants to the system filter. When used with the powerful Fernox TF1 Omega Filter, the two products can help to ensure your home is heated effectively – and crucially – that you pay less for it.