Limescale Remover DS-3 2Kg

Product Code: 61027, 24066

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Using sulphamic acid, this powerful product is ideal for use to remove limescale deposits from domestic appliances & boiler heat exchangers.


Using sulphamic acid, this powerful but environmentally friendly product is ideal for use to remove baked-on limescale deposits from domestic appliances and boiler heat exchangers. Designed with the consumer in mind, the product is safe and easy to use; after each application the product changes colour to indicate when DS-3 is exhausted and ready for disposal to foul drain.

  • Restores efficiency to all types of water heater
  • Powerful acid limescale remover, dissolves up to 50% of its own weight of limescale
  • Corrosion inhibited
  • Colour change indicated when exhausted
  • Safe to apply and easy to use
  • Belgaqua approved product

Application and Dosage

Fernox DS-3 should first be dissolved in hot water at the maximum concentration of 1 kg per 10 litres of water (10%) with a minimum in-use concentration of 250g per 10 litres of water (2.5%). Hot water will accelerate de-scaling but do not exceed 80°C. The de-scaling process will release carbon dioxide gas (CO-2), which can cause foaming. Hence, space should be allowed for this before commencing work. A colour change from yellow, through green, to blue indicates the de-scaling power is exhausted. However, the major part of the solution’s effort is expended when green is reached and if cold the final change to blue can take a long time. When de-scaling is complete, drain and rinse several times until no traces or odours remain. DS-3 can be neutralised with Fernox System Neutraliser.

Physical Properties

Fernox DS-3 contains Sulphamic acid with inhibitors, indicators and non-foaming surfactants.
Colour: Yellow
Odour: Faint
Form: Crystals
pH: 2.0 at 1% w/w in water
S.G: N/A

Packaging, Handling and Storage

Fernox DS-3 is supplied in 2kg and 30kg containers.