System Water Test

Product Code: 62254

A simple and easy-to-use turbidity test to check the quality of system water and determine appropriate treatment to ensure the system works at optimum efficiency, and the boiler is fully protected.

  • Maintain maximum system efficiency
  • Helps prevent boiler breakdown
  • Extends the lifespan of the boiler
  • Easy to use on-site test – enables corrective action to be taken immediately

Application, Fitting & Dosing

Fill the tube with a 50 ml sample of system water taken from either the boiler or a radiator. Look down the tube and focus on the black and yellow target at the base of the tube. Depending on the cleanliness of water, there are 4 recommended treatment options;

1. The target is clearly visible and the system is adequately inhibited (with the boiler displaying a retreatment label) – No action required
2. The target is clearly visible but the system may not be adequately inhibitor (no retreatment label is displayed on the boiler) – Dose with Fernox Protector F1
3. The target is visible but blurred indicating contaminants are present in the system water – Fit a Fernox TF1 Filter and dose with Fernox Protector+ Filter Fluid
4. The target is not visible indicating a heavily sludged and dirty system due to corrosion and limescale formation – Clean the system with Fernox F3 Cleaner or Fernox Power Cleaner F8, fit a Fernox Filter and dose with Fernox Protector+ Filter Fluid

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52 × 200 × 59 mm
52 x 200 x 59 mm
How to use System Water Test