TF1 Sigma Mini

The TF1 Sigma Mini is a compact high-performance system filter that utilises a powerful neodymium magnet to protect your system against the damaging effects of corrosion. The TF1 Sigma Mini has the smallest footprint of any filter in the marketplace, which means it can be easily installed directly below a boiler or in restricted spaces on horizontal or vertical pipework.

  • One of the most compact filters in the market, specifically designed for restricted spaces with as little as 105mm clearance
  • Designed to ensure there is minimal pressure head loss in addition to maintaining a high collection efficiency, whilst ensuring the filter cannot block
  • Mess-free, fast and easy servicing via the filter drain point, without the need to dismantle component parts
  • Easy and quick to install

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Product Overview

Compact Design – The TF1 Sigma Mini offers an ultra-compact design which does not compromise on performance. The reduced filter and pipework footprint means the filter can be installed directly under a boiler, and with as little as 105mm clearance.

High quality components – The TF1 Sigma Mini utilises a range of high-quality component parts that ensure the filter offers optimum performance. Each manifold is designed to allow for easy installation, whilst also providing a secure connection to the system. The magnet is made using a premium grade neodymium, enabling a high efficiency capture rate, as well as a robust filtration medium that will ensure a continued and consistent level of collection. A brass drain point allows for controlled and mess free servicing, without the need to disassemble the filter.

High performance – The TF1 Sigma Mini has been designed to ensure there is minimal pressure head loss in addition to maintaining a high collection efficiency. The magnet assembly and internal flow paths have been engineered to maximise the capture of system contaminates, whilst ensuring the filter cannot block.

Application, Fitting & Dosing

The TF1 Sigma Mini is a magnetic system filter, specifically designed for use in tight spaces. The filter can be easily fitted onto horizontal, vertical, or any 360⁰ pipework orientation.

The TF1 Sigma Mini should not be installed outside, and ideally on the return flow to the boiler.

Package, Handling & Safety

As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should always be taken when handling any magnetic filter.

Individually packaged, with instructions included. No special storage requirements.


Suitable fluids
• Water
• Inhibited Glycol Solutions
• Fernox Chemical Range / System Additives

Max percentage of glycol: 50%
Max working pressure: 5bar (72psi)
Max flow rate: 30 L/M
Normal working temperature range: Filter suitable for working temperatures between 0⁰C – 100⁰C
Capture rate: Up to 100% of system contaminates

Operating principle
1- Contaminated system water enters the TF1 Sigma Mini via the manifold, then moves into the main body of the filter, carrying debris and particulate held in suspension by the water.
2- As dirty water enters the filter body, it passes over the high-powered neodymium magnet assembly, with sludge and magnetite captured and retained with the filter.
3- The combination of engineered flow paths through the filter, as well as the unique manifold design ensure debris is removed effectively without adversely impacting flow through this system. This promotes high capture rates for a filter of this size, while maintaining low pressure loss.
4- All dirt captured within the filter can be easily discharged via the drain point. This procedure is shown in the cleaning guide and does not require system shutdown or for the filter to be disassembled.

Physical Specification / Properties

• Filter Body – Glass Reinforced Nylon
• Manifold – Nickel Plated Brass
• Circlip – Stainless Steel
• Drain Valve Cap – Nickel Plated Brass
• Magnet – High Powered Neodymium
• Seals & Washers – EPDM

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