Gathering professionals from within the UK’s energy efficiency market, the awards celebrate the industry’s efforts to encourage best practice and tackle issues such as reducing fuel poverty, carbon emissions and energy costs.

Highlighting the innovation and advanced filtration technology within the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter, it was acknowledged by the judges as Product of the Year thanks to its unrivalled versatility and superior capability when it comes to capturing system debris.

The filter can be installed in even the most confined or awkward of spaces, and it is the company’s first nickel-plated, brass filter for the domestic market. It can also be installed on 22mm and 28mm pipework both horizontally and vertically, in either flow direction.

Ideally fitted onto the boiler return pipe, the filter offers ultimate flexibility and fast installation, with the ability to be positioned at a 45 degree angle and cleaned in-situ, as required. Its superior level of system protection is a result of dual action magnetic and unique Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology.

The TF1 Omega Filter benefits from having no lid, which means there is no need to regularly replace the O-ring, and that maintenance time and costs are reduced. Taking less than 30 seconds to treat the system when using the Fernox Express range, the filter also acts as a handy dosing point for Fernox chemical water treatment products.

In addition, Fernox also received a special commendation within the Supplier of the Year category. Recognising the company for its consistent delivery of high quality chemical water treatment and innovative in-line filter systems, the company received the commendation within the highly competitive category that saw 12 organisations shortlisted.

Francine Wickham, Fernox Global Marketing Director, said: “More than 50 years ago Fernox pioneered the use of chemical water treatments to prevent boiler breakdown and to maintain energy efficiency. Continuing to push the boundaries of best practice, product innovation and customer service ever since, we’re delighted that our commitment to maintaining system efficiency and reducing fuel wastage has been rewarded.

“Testimony to the expertise of our excellent research and development team, the ground-breaking TF1 Omega Filter – with its impressive 25-year warranty – offers superior debris capture that helps maintain system efficiency and prevent higher running costs.”